As your doula i can help with:

I believe all parents already have the innate knowledge they need to care for their own babies. My role as your doula is to be a non judgmental, non opinionated friend through this transition. I will help with anything non-medical that makes you feel like you've got this!  This includes:

-Emotional support during this transition.

-Helping with the birthing parent's postpartum physical recovery (ie; sitz baths, gentle massage, etc.).

-Support with breastfeeding and/or bottle-feeding.

-Help with baby care(diapering, bathing, etc.)

-Teaching baby soothing techniques.

-Facilitating sleep for baby and parent(s).

-Helping you trust your instincts in reading your baby's cues.

-Assisting with child care so parents can get rest, take a shower, or share a meal together.

-Help with using baby carriers, slings, strollers, and other equipment.

-Help with transitioning older siblings and/or pets in to life with the newborn.

-Preparing healthy snacks and meals for the family.

-Help with learning to pump comfortably and confidently in preparation for returning to work and/or outings without baby.

-Nursery and/or registry set-up.