What is a doula?

To me, a doula is a loving presence in your home during the transformation of maiden to mother. During your birth, I hold space for emotions and tend to any physical needs you may have. Once baby is here, I am happy to help with household chores, cook nourishing foods for your family, and sit with you while you process this life change. I believe in the power of community and sisterhood and aim to cultivate feelings of warmth and togetherness during your birthing and postpartum times.

What's so special about the first 42 days?

In many cultures around the world, new mamas stay inside with their babies for about 6 weeks-or 42 days-postpartum. During this time, the community brings nourishing food, child care for older siblings, helpful advice, and loving support in to the new family's home. This is a time for restoration of the woman's body and spirit that is extremely important for herself and the baby.

I believe we have lost sight of the importance of the postpartum period in our busy world today and I think it’s crucial to bring it back. Through my services, I hope to nurture, educate, support, and reassure new parents so they can fully immerse themselves in the beauty and magic of having a newborn.