What is a doula?

The word "doula" translates from Greek meaning, "female helper," or "woman who serves". There are 2 kinds of doulas-Birth and Postpartum. Birth doulas serve laboring women and their partners during labor and birth (I can recommend some GREAT ones!). As a Postpartum Doula, I serve new families after their birth experiences-usually once they have arrived home from the hospital or birth center. Doulas obviously help tremendously with the physical aspects of having a newborn, but can also help with the mental and emotional parts of the postpartum period. Once we decide to work together, I will always be available to you via phone or email whether you have a question or just need a good vent/cry/laugh session.

What's so special about the first 42 days?

In many cultures around the world, new mamas stay inside with their babies for about 6 weeks-or 42 days-postpartum. During this time, the community brings nourishing food, child care for older siblings, helpful advice, and loving support in to the new family's home. This is a time for restoration of the woman's body and spirit that is extremely important for herself and the baby.

I believe we have somewhat lost sight of the importance of the postpartum period in our busy world today and my aim as your doula is to bring it back. Through my services, I aim to nurture, educate, support, and reassure new parents so they can fully immerse themselves in the beauty and magic of having a newborn and feel confident caring for their family once I am no longer needed.